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Bars for sale

Since the onset of the recession, there have been a lot of bars for sale / bars for lease throughout the UK. A simple Google search of "bars for sale" or "bars for lease" or "bar for sale" "bar for lease" reveals the true glut of bars now for sale and lease in the UK. However, in the vast majority of cases, the reason that the bar is for sale or lease is that the previous owner went bust. Does it make sense to buy or lease a bar when the previous owner couldn’t make enough money to keep it open? So, while the fact that there are all these bars for sale / bars for lease may look like a good opportunity for would-be pub buyers, one must ask why are so many bars for sale / bars for lease? Typically, because these bars are merely alcohol selling houses offering nothing new. Such bars have been slaughtered in the recession as they offer nothing unique; they just sell booze.

While these old fashioned, one dimensional bars are closing, Bar Sport goes from strength to strength often reopening in premises vacated by these unsuccessful operators. Our success is based on the fact that there is far more to our offering than just alcohol. Our sports-mad culture, partnership with Sky Sports and investment in the best TV and big screens mean our bars quickly become the only place to watch sport. With Sky Sports now offering 24/7 sport, from Champions League, Premiership, Division 1, SPL, Sierra A, La Liga, darts, formula 1, tennis, golf and pretty much every other major sporting event in the world, we have a constant draw for customers to come to our bars.

The Danilo, First Floor 85-87 High Green, Cannock, Staffordshire, London WS11 1BJ UK and contactable by phone on 01543 500247

Our food menu and family friendly environment ensures that families see our bars as a viable, fun alternative to restaurants. Because our premises are the best place in an area to watch sport, serve great food reasonably priced and are totally family friendly, we tap into a market that failing pubs never could. So, yes there are loads of bars for sale right now but they are selling a concept that has failed. Bar Sport is selling a concept that has proven to be successful and crucially recession proof. So when reviewing bar for sale/ bar for lease in the UK, make sure to pay close attention to Bar Sport, the only bar chain expanding through the recession.